CROWNJEWEL-RT39™ 1:10 Race Tread


• On-road Wheels w/Fang™ Race Tires
• Rubber Tires w/Directional Treads
• Medium-Hard Rubber Compound
• Color is Gloss-Gold
• Duel Hub Off-sets (3mm & 9mm)
• Wheel Size is 1.9” x 1” w/9mm off-set
• 1:10 Scale, 12mm Hex-fit Hubs
• Pre-glued (Set of 4)

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CROWNJEWEL-RT(3/9) on-road wheels and Fang™ treaded rubber racing tires are made from the highest quality ABS plastic and rubber materials available. This combo set features two wheels with 3mm hub off-sets and two wheels with 9mm off-sets. The wheels and tires arrive at your door pre-glued and fitted with Fangs – our newly designed, low-profile and directional, medium-compound, treaded race tires. These all-new race wheels and tires fit most 1:10 scale, on-road, radio-controlled cars – wheels have 12mm hex-fit hubs. 2.0″ x 1.0″ CrownJewel 3mm and 9mm, race wheels are available in Gloss-Gold and, if desired, can be painted with poly carbonate paint.