MINI-VICE™ Turnbuckle Tool


• Easily Adjusts Turnbuckles
• Adjusts Wheel Camber
• Grips Stripped Fasteners
• Off-road or On-road Vehicles
• All-aluminum Tool Construction
• Substantial “Hand-feel”
• Perfect Size: (L) 72mm x (W) 40mm x (H) 7mm
• Fits Multiple Hex Sizes (7, 5, 3.5 and 2.5mm)
• Color: Black/Hi-Ho Silver

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The Mini-Vice Turnbuckle Tool is one of those tools you find yourself using for many tasks around your radio-controlled vehicle. It easily adjusts your vehicle’s wheel/tire camber and stance. It also can be used to loosen stripped fasteners, cut or splice wire and cut through small plastic pieces. Its small size allows you to get into places other tools can’t. Works great on off-road or on-road vehicles.