NEON-FLUX™ LED Light Strips. 7″ x .25″ (RED)


Flexible LED light strips (7″ x .25″)

Powered by one 9-volt battery (not included)

Backed with self-adhesive tape

Super-bright (latest tech LED light emitters)

In-line “On/Off” switch

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Take your night game to a whole new level with these super-bright and flexible LED light strips! Works great for all types of projects – lights can twist and bend to fit around corners and edges. Each strip is 7″ long. Multi-fit/1:10 Scale. Lights are powered by one 9-volt battery. (not included) Each strip is backed with peel-away self-adhesive tape.  To install:  Clean the area you are mounting to, peel away the adhesive covering on back of light strip and press and hold for 15 seconds.  Includes:  Two (2) light strips

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