THE JUDGE™ 1:10 Bash/Crawl


Off-road or on-road, Multi-Fit™ all-purpose “big-rig” body

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The JUDGE™ off-road or on-road, Multi-fit body is as versatile as it is cool. Off-road, on-road, crawling, drifting, bashing, racing, showing-off, whatever…The Judge is down to roll. It has a protective over-spray film and includes a large decal sheet and window masks. Bodies are clear and come ready to paint. This body fits most 1:10 scale car and truck chassis. Multi-fit, off-road bodies are molded from high-quality, flexible, poly-carbonate lexan material allowing them to bend and pop back into place while traditional lexan bodies tend to crack or even shatter. Nitro or electric. No holes drilled. (15.25″ x 6.5″) Body only – Stampede® truck and HPI® car for display.

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