UFO–RS3™ 1:10 Race Slick


• On-road Wheels w/Muncher™ Race Tires
• Thick Rubber Race-Slick Tires
• Super-Soft Competition Rubber Compound
• Color is Smoked-Chrome
• Wheel Size is 1.9” x 1” w/3mm off-set
• 1:10 Scale, 12mm Hex-fit Hubs
• Pre-glued (Set of 4)

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Take you to the leader – these will. UFO-RS on-road race wheels and Muncher™ race slicks are made from the highest quality ABS plastic and rubber materials available. These wheels arrive at your door fitted with low-profile, soft-compound, rubber race tires. Straight out of the package, these tires provide major-league traction. If you’re ready to go pro, apply your favorite “sticky-tire” solution. Wipe off in 5 minutes and these tires become “one” with the ground, confidently cornering and accelerating with ease. Includes protective, “Happy Alien” decals. These all-new race wheels and slick race tires fit most 1:10 scale, on-road, radio-controlled cars. 2.0″ x 1.0″ UFO race wheels are available in Smoked-Chrome and, if desired, can be painted with poly carbonate paint. 12mm hex-fit hubs w/3mm off-set. (Set of 4 wheels and 4 tires only – RC car and body for display)

Do you want these wheels with drift tires? We have several types of drift tires that can be installed onto these wheels. If you would like a special order wheel and tire set please send us a message via the contact page or just call 469-939-9400.

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