UFO–RS3™ 1:10 Race Slick


• On-road Wheels w/Muncher™ Race Tires
• Thick Rubber Race-Slick Tires
• Super-Soft Competition Rubber Compound
• Color is Smoked-Chrome
• Wheel Size is 1.9” x 1” w/3mm off-set
• 1:10 Scale, 12mm Hex-fit Hubs
• Pre-glued (Set of 4)

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Take you to the leader – these will. UFO-RS on-road race wheels and Muncher™ race slicks are made from the highest quality ABS plastic and rubber materials available. These wheels arrive at your door fitted with low-profile, soft-compound, rubber race tires. Straight out of the package, these tires provide major-league traction. If you’re ready to go pro, apply your favorite “sticky-tire” solution. Wipe off in 5 minutes and these tires become “one” with the ground, confidently cornering and accelerating with ease. Includes protective, “Happy Alien” decals. These all-new race wheels and slick race tires fit most 1:10 scale, on-road, radio-controlled cars. 2.0″ x 1.0″ UFO race wheels are available in Smoked-Chrome and, if desired, can be painted with poly carbonate paint. 12mm hex-fit hubs w/3mm off-set. (Set of 4 wheels and 4 tires only – RC car and body for display)

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